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GeoData@Tufts is developed and maintained by Tufts University Information Technology. Tufts is leading the development in collaboration with Harvard of this open source, federated web application to rapidly discover, preview, and retrieve geospatial data from multiple repositories. GeoData@Tufts combines an intuitive, map-based search interface along with traditional text-based metadata search tools for rapid data discovery and for use in teaching, learning, and research.

GeoData@Tufts is part of The Open Geoportal. The Open Geoportal is a consortium comprised of contributions of several universities and organizations to help facilitate the discovery and acquisition of geospatial data across many organizations and platforms. Built on open source technology, The Open Geoportal provides organizations the opportunity to share thousands of geospatial data layers, maps, metadata, and development resources through a single common interface.

For questions, comments, or to report problems, please contact:

For questions, comments, or to report problems, please contact:

Project Management:

Patrick Florance, Manager of Geospatial Technology Services, UIT, Tufts University